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The Online Calisthenics Platform

This platform was created to provide online video programs to help you achieve your goals. They're interactive so depending on your current level you can choose when to move onto the next progression. There is detailed instructions, video demonstrations, and full technique guides to make it easy to follow. Here is some of the programs you will find:


One of the basics you have to master is handstands, understanding and creating balance will improve your stability, core and shoulder strength, alignment and flexibility which will be key in calisthenics skills like the front lever, handstand push ups, muscle ups, human flag, back lever and much more.Our beginner handstand program "Handstand 0 to 60" will have you holding a handstand for 60+ seconds comfortably and with ease. Along with our daily "Handstand Conditioning" program which will target your alignment and core tension to get your from perfect.

Calisthenics is a balance between strength and mobility. If you don't take care of your joints and your muscles are tight you will not progress far with calisthenics. We are aware of this and have a program "Iron Joints" to strengthen your wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. 

Your strength to weight ratio is another factor in you excelling in calisthenics. To help keep your body fat percentage down we have a 30 day H.I.I.T program "FAMBA FiiT" designed for you to burn fat and stay lean.

Here's What You Get As A Member

Monthly Programs

Want to start balancing on your hands or hold your handstand for longer? We have a beginner handstand program that will have you holding your handstand comfortably for 60+ seconds. Daily routines to improve your core tension, stability and alignment.

Mobility is a key element in calisthenics if you want to progress and stay pain free, a mobility routine done frequently is a must to succeed. We have prehabilitation & rehabilitation programs to treat all your joints and keep you fit and safe.

Your strength to weight ratio will greatly affect how quickly you progress in calisthenics. Follow our 30 day H.I.I.T programs and 21 day challenge to get you in shape and to stay in shape.

New programs added to cover all your calisthenics goals.

Technique Guides

Learn how to perform the movements correctly and safely. While we motivate you to go to the next level 

Train At Home

Never have to think of what you need to do. Train and reach your goals at home.

Free Beginner Calisthenics Program

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Prehab/ Rehab
Handstand 0 to 60
Handstand Conditioning
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