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Strength Training

Strength is involved in everything we do, from standing, sitting, picking something up, everything. When you practise strength training you'll improve a host of health benefits such as lowering the risk of injury, promoting greater mobility, improving heart health and much more.


Strength training will get you stronger but it will also improve your confidence because you're challenging yourself and this will promote a better quality of life 

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What To Expect & Benefits

Our outdoor gym is located in Rembarandtpark calisthenics park Amsterdam. This is where we will do our strength training sessions after we have had a discussion about your goals and any injuries. 

When it comes to building strength you must have a good foundation. The pillar exercises for building a good foundation consist of pull ups, dips, rows, push ups, leg raises, hollowbody (for the upper body) and squats, deadlifts (for the lower body) We will work to build a good foundation to support you on your journey


The strength training we do will be relative to you, not too easy, not too hard but challenging so that we stimulate growth and neurological adaptations.  


In the outdoor gym in calisthenics park Amsterdam we have all the equipment we need to help you reach your goals. 

Available for groups lessons or 1 to 1 sessions

Trial Group Lesson

Join one of our classes and see if it's for you


1 Private Session

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


Membership Group Lessons

Follow your own personal program in a group setting


10 Private Sessions

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


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