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Handstands are one of the best things about calisthenics training. Handstands incorporate many elements, including proprioception (understanding where your body is in space), balancing, breathing, strong core and endurance. 

Handstand training is fun and challenging and it can teach you a lot. You will learn how to be more aware and patient during this journey. The handstand comes to those who really want to experience what it's like being upside down and who stay committed to the fun challenge. 

If handstands are your thing come train with me in the calisthenics park in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam.  

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What To Expect & Benefits

In the first training sessions, we will assess your current level, goals and any injuries. This feedback will help me build a customised training program for you that will help you achieve your goals. Your program will be a minimum of 3 days of training per week so that we get the best results and it will be available in the Famba Fitness app. 

In the beginning, handstands can be quite demanding on the joints. In your program, we will work on strengthening the joints so that they can withstand your bodyweight. We will also cover increasing your flexibility and body alignment. We will work on improving every aspect that will help you to balance on your hands. 

During our calisthenics training sessions, I will help you improve your technique so that you're doing everything in a safe manner. In the program, there will also be additional routines you can do at home. 

We'll take photos, and videos and track your training so that we can assess how your journey is going. 

Handstands and calisthenics training continues to grow in Amsterdam. You can be part of this exciting way to train. Calisthenics Amsterdam 

Available for groups lessons or 1 to 1 sessions

Trial Group Lesson

Join one of our classes and see if it's for you


1 Private Session

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


Membership Group Lessons

Follow your own personal program in a group setting


10 Private Sessions

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


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