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Online Coaching
Specific programs and methods to transform your body & mind




I really enjoy calistheincs training, it's so different from the other types of training that I've done over the years. I've gained so much strength and doing exercises like pull ups, dips, push ups has become much easier. I can feel the benefits that it has on my other activities, running, climbing and surfing. 


I'm very hard on myself but to be honest I'm extremely happy and excited for the future! I was never able to do 10 strict pullups with straight legs and arms let alone 12, 15, 17 . It's a sick and smart program! I can't wait for the next weeks and months! Thanks a lot for the coaching.


I like doing exercises that engage muscles that I never knew I had. This exercises are the ones that have helped me be able to do things like muscle up, handsatnd pushs and more. I want to keep learning more about my body and challenging my mind.



I love this style on training. I'm learning so much about my body and I enjoy every moment of it. I used to have a lot of lower back pain but now  it's better because of the level of care Solly takes. I can feels my core and muscles that I've never used before getting stronger. 


After a few weeks training with Solly I realized that I was training worng all these years. I would train until my body burnt out but it didnt bring me the results I wanted. Now I train in a smart way and I'm seeing massive results. After 2 months the strength and muscle I gained was something I couldnt believe. 


Transform Your Body & Mind

The best & quickest way to succeed in transforming your life is by doing the right things. For you to do the right things you need the right people in your corner.  That's my role as a trainer to guide you in the right direction. I've been there and down it and helped many others to transform their lives. I've dedicated my life to sharing the right advice and methods to help people build the body they want, feel better and be confident with themselves.







How Online Coaching Works



Training Program

You'll have access to the Famba Fitness app. The app is full of video demonstrations & explanations on how to execute the exercises and follow your program. The body is a complex machine so your program will be based on what specifically your body needs to reach your desired goals. Along your journey, we'll track and measure your progress.


Nutrition Guidance

I will help you build a better relationship with the food you eat. It's not about restricting yourself from the food you love but about finding the balance that works for you. I will teach you how to build the right habits and systems around your daily activities and work schedule. Your nutrition plan will be based on your goals and be available in the Famba Fitness App.

Video Anaylsis


I value technique and safety when executing exercises, this is the main thing that sets me apart from other trainers. Doing quality reps gets you quicker to your goals and reduces the risk of injury. By sending me videos I can analyse your technique and send you feedback on things to improve. The more videos you send me the more feedback you receive and the faster you progress.


The more equipment available to you, either at the park, gym or home the more variations I can add to your program to reach your desired goal. At Famba Fitness we have secure high-quality home pull up barsDo exercises like hanging to improve shoulder health and reduce aches and pains. When your start your journey as a client you receive 25% off!

Famba Fitness App

How to start calisthenics training

FAMBA "move towards your goals"

Don't let fear and doubt stop you from moving forward. Too many people let life pass them by because they're scared to be vulnerable. Only through vulnerability can you build physical and mental strength.  If you want to change your body get up and go do something about it. If you want a strong mind do something you never thought would be possible. 



Online Coaching
€100 per month

Training Program
Nutrition Program
Habit & System Program

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