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I've been a personal trainer in Amsterdam West for many years. Helping people become strong and mobile. To progress on your journey and avoid injuries, mobility training is key. Many neglect it and that is why their progress will be slow and injury risks high. 

The body is designed to be strong and mobile at the same time. In our training, we will focus to improve both these elements because that is what will bring the best results. 

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What To Expect & Benefits

After discussing your goals I will make a custom program for you to reach your goals and improve your mobility in the process. The programs will be available to you in the Famba Fitness app. During our training sessions, we will work on mobility and there will also be routines for you to follow at home to further your development. 

How you spend your waking days also has a big contribution to your mobility and posture. I will share with you tips on how to move o improve your health and stay injury-free. A simple thing as getting up and moving after every hour of sitting at the desk can have great benefit to your health. 

At the outdoor gym in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam, we will use equipment such as weights, and resistance bands to help you move better. We will track your progress by taking photos and comparing them after 6-8 weeks. With the Famba Fitness personal training, we will cover all aspects, strength, mobility, nutrition and more to bring you the best results.

Available for groups lessons or 1 to 1 sessions

Trial Group Lesson

Join one of our classes and see if it's for you


1 Private Session

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


Membership Group Lessons

Follow your own personal program in a group setting


10 Private Sessions

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


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