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Beginner Calisthenics Workout Guide: 12 Week Program

Today, we're sharing how we help our beginner calisthenics students unleash incredible strength.

There are tons of people every day being introduced to calisthenics in Amsterdam and many other calisthenics parks around the world.

We want to get you off to the right start. At Famba Fitness we've been delivering results for our students for more than 6 years.

We'll share with you a free 12-week calisthenics beginner workout program, which will cover:

  • The Calisthenics Basics

  • Calisthenics Strength & Conditioning

  • Calisthenics Exercise Technique Guide

  • Scapula & Core Strength Training

  • Injury Prevention

This online beginner calisthenics program is like no other, with an interactive approach, you can choose the right exercises for your current level. Full with video demonstrations and explanations.

So whether you're beginning with 0 pull-ups or 5 pull-ups, you can head over to your local calisthenics park in Amsterdam or elsewhere with confidence.

Calisthenics Workout Explained

Calisthenics is a form of bodyweight training that uses your body as the resistance, to gain strength, build muscle, and improve endurance and mobility.

In calisthenics parks in Amsterdam and many other places, you'll see people doing calisthenics exercises like, pull-ups and push-ups.

These types of exercises are fundamental to calisthenics training and many other physical activities in life. The strength, mobility and conditioning you build in calisthenics can easily translate to activities such as bouldering, climbing, running and more.

By using your body as the resistance you become more aware of your movements and learn body control.

How Calisthenics Works

In that same calisthenics park in Amsterdam we were talking about, you've probably seen people do jaw-breaking skills with their bodies.

When you see someone perform these beautiful skills where they hold themselves horizontally (front lever, planche) or do push-ups with their legs in the air (handstand push-ups), it almost looks like they're flying.

This is enough to get anyone pumped up to start calisthenics! But then the question that normally follows is how.

To reach any calisthenics skill, first, you have to start with the basics. Every calisthenics skill stems from these basic exercises, pull-ups, push-ups, dips, rows, squats, and leg raises.

Calisthenics For Beginners

Here's the question again, how do I start calisthenics so that I'm able to progress and do those cool skills? From the very beginning, start training in the calisthenics basics.

Starting with the basics will build the strength you need in calisthenics, protect your joints and prevent injuries.

In this free interactive beginner calisthenics program you'll cover:

  • The Calisthenics Basics

  • Calisthenics Strength & Conditioning

  • Calisthenics Exercise Technique Guide

  • Scapula & Core Strength Training

  • Injury Prevention

The program is full of video demonstrations to help you execute the exercise with the right technique. There are explanations on how to follow the program for the next 3-6 months.

The goal of this program is to help you become skilled with the calisthenics basics, so that you can do a high number of repetitions with ease.

So whether you're training calisthenics in Amsterdam or somewhere else, you've now got a program to get you started.

Enjoy the journey and email us to let us know how it's going.

Have a great day,

Calisthenics in Amsterdam


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