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Calisthenics In Amsterdam

Why more people are opting to train calisthenics.

What Is Calisthenics

For something that's been around since the beginning of humankind, calisthenics is still relatively unknown. Calisthenics is any form of movement that involves using your own body weight as resistance (think of push-ups, pull-ups). The word calisthenics means "beautiful strength" in Latin. It's a fitting description of this wonderful sport. It speaks of how the technique for the movements you do must be beautiful to the eye, which takes practice and patience.

Over the last decade, calisthenics has become more popular because of disciplines such as Strength & Endurance (ex finish 5 bodyweight exercises in the fastest time), Street Lifting (ex max weighted pull-ups & dips) and Freestyle (ex dynamic skills such as swing 360 and static skills such as a front lever and planche). It demonstrated the potential of the human body, building unbelievable strength, an athletic body, excellent endurance, and gaining more mobility, all with your own body weight. Calisthenics brought our focus back to our own bodies.

Gymnastics is a form of calisthenics but never become a viable option for the general public to train. Calisthenics is more beginner friendly because it's free and convenient and you can find many programs (or create your own) that are relevant to your level to train towards your goals.

The Netherlands and especially Amsterdam is a hot spot for anyone wanting to start calisthenics training. Calisthenics in Amsterdam continues to grow as more people opt to train in the beautiful outdoor parks instead going to indoor gyms. You can find a calisthenics park near you at

The Gemeente is sponsoring private companies to build more calisthenics parks in the Netherlands. One of these companies Barmania builds a new park every month. Here you can have a look at one of the best calisthenics parks in Amsterdam, MWA Rembrandtpark.

All this is an amazing opportunity for those wanting to try calisthenics.

Outdoor Calisthenics Or Gym

People are cancelling their gym memberships and option to train calisthenics in the many parks around Amsterdam. The open space, fresh air and quality bars makes it possible for anyone to train outdoors and improve their health and fitness for free. The atmosphere in the calisthenics parks is open and people are more willing to stick up conversation, making it a nice environment to train.

I'm my opinion, gyms seem to be letting people down and that's why calisthenics keeps looking more attractive. From my own experience and speaking other people, the gym environment promotes the ego, is too crowded and doesn't give a welcoming vibe, especially with beginners. The focus is on only one aspect of fitness "bodybuilding" and the majority of equipment is these big massive machine that limit your understand of body control.

Are you wondering what some of the benefits of outdoor calisthenics training are? Calisthenics builds amazing strength and mobility, athelic physical that is functional, it's strengthens the areas that are most vulnerable when training, joints, tendons and ligaments. Instead of doing the same boring repetitive exercises you can play around with improving your body control, balance, coordination, shoulder and hip stability and more. The unbelievable core strength you build while support you in everything you do in your life.

Calisthenics brings the attention back to unlimited capabilities of our bodies and importantly promotes togetherness and community.

Outdoor Calisthenics Training In Amsterdam

There is a saying that goes "kill two bird with one stone". The meaning behind it is that by doing one action you'll get 2 benefits in return. When you train calisthenics outdoors in the beautiful parks of Amsterdam you're "killing many birds with one stone". For example by doing an 1 hour calisthenics workout in Rembrandtpark you're reaping so many pluses on your health score.

  1. Your training your body in a way that's making it stronger, fitter and more mobile. By doing the movements with full range of motion you'll open, stretch and make the body stronger. By moving the joints in many different angles you're loosen and mobilising the joint, keeping them injury free. You're getting in tone with your body and discovering that it's capable of so much more than you think.

  2. By breathing in the fresh air from outdoors and the body is letting in more oxygen and increase blood circulation. This helps the body and mind function better during yout training session but also through the whole day. You'll find your overall energy and mood improve.

  3. You'll be in a free, open and welcoming environment. Where you can enjoy your training and gaze at the wonderful scenery around you. This is a great space to let the mind wonder and be more creative and find solutions to problems.

Summary On Calisthenics In Amsterdam

If you opt to start your calisthenics journey, there are many calisthenics parks in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Click to see the best calisthenics parks in Amsterdam West and Amsterdam Zuid.

If this is something on your mind, don't waste time hesitating just start. Start today! You can learn as you do. Calisthenics is for all levels and you can make the training relevant your current strength and training goals. For tips and advice on how to training calisthenics you can check out our Famba Fitnees on YouTube or Instagram

Thank for your time and now go kick start your calisthenics journey.


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