Having a home pull up bar is one of the best ways to get a full-body workout in. It can be challenging to target the back muscles when  you're at home. With this bar you'll be able to do diiferent various of pull ups and many other exercises that can engage the back and the rest of your upper-body.


The best way to improve your pull ups or any other exercises is to do them frequently.  By doing multiple low intensity sets throughtout the day, you're accumulating reps without fatigue and this will engrain that nueral movement pattern. This technique is called grease the groove (G2G)


With the added bonus of hanging on the bar which is a great way to relieve back pain. You can do many exericses to target your core muscle and bring your training to the next level. 


They're many doorway pull up bars on the market but many of them are light and unreliable. Our bar is made from quality material that will support your bodyweight. Where the bar makes contact with the wall, we've designed a downward mechanisim that will secure you safely. No screws are needed and the padding material will leave no marks.



Doorway Pull Up Bar No Screws

€ 99,99Price
    • Weight - 2.65kg
    • Length - 72-92cm
    • Max Support Weight - 300kg
    • Material - Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
    • Only available to EU or EEA countries, shipping costs apply.
    • Free Shipping in the Netherlands.
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