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Sleep & Recovery

In our society the value of sleep is being undervalued even though along with nutrition and movement it is the cornerstone for every bodily function. When your sleep is good it allows your body and mind to recharge. When your fully recovering consistently throughout the week, it makes reaching your fitness goals possible. 

Part of the personal training package is about educating you on the values of sleep. Showing you how to build productive habits that will help you get better sleep. This not only will help you reach your goals but it will improve every aspect of your life. 

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What To Expect & Benefits

The group lessons or personal training sessions will be in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam. Before we start the training we will discuss your sleep, work schedule and stress levels. The programs I design for you have to suit your work schedule so that it's convenient to do and helps you stay consistent. Stress can have negative effects on your sleep and quality of life. That is why it is important to learn how to manage it. This will make the training much easier and bring better results because your body and mind will be recovering every night. 

During my time as a personal trainer here in Amsterdam. The results I've been able to get with my students come from hitting all the points, training, nutrition and sleep. I will show you have to build habits that will aid in better sleep. 

We will go over meditation and breathing techniques that will help you manage your days and get better sleep. 

Available for groups lessons or 1 to 1 sessions

Trial Group Lesson

Join one of our classes and see if it's for you


1 Private Session

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


Membership Group Lessons

Follow your own personal program in a group setting


10 Private Sessions

For those that prefer 1 to 1 attention and flexible schedules 


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