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Group personal training in Amsterdam West. Famba Fitness is a Amsterdam-based personal training service that offers calisthenics group lessons to improve fitness, health and overal well-being.

Group Personal Training

Amsterdam West

Discover an exclusive group personal training experience in Amsterdam that propels you to new heights while fostering a vibrant community of determined individuals. Our innovative approach blends the advantages of personalised training with the dynamic group setting, offering you the best of both worlds. Here, your journey is guided by a tailored training program, ensuring you achieve your goals in a secure, enjoyable and motivating environment.

Famba Fitness is a group personal training service that offers calisthenics outdoor group lessons in Amsterdam West.

Personal Training Approach

A training program will be tailored for your specific goals, requirements and level. Which you can follow in the group lessons. 

Small group personal training in Amsterdam West at Famba Fitness Amsterdam. Our personal trainers will guide you towards your goals.

Goal Orientated

Our innovative approach ensures you can train your program during the group lessons and continue progressing.

Our group personal training lessons here in Amtserdam are one of a kind. Famba Fitness offers personalised group lessons covers training methods such as calisthenics while training outdoors in Rembrantpark.

Dynamic Group Set Up

Surround yourself with a dynamic and motivated community of like-minded individuals who encourage your progress.

Famba Fitness offers calisthenics training to improve fitness, health and overall well-being. The group lessonsa are in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam.

All Round Approach 

Experience the full spectrum of calisthenics training while relishing the outdoor air and forging connections.

We believe that the journey transcends the physical accomplishes you'll reach; it's about feeling your best, deepening self-awareness, and forming connections with those around you.

Group Schedule

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • Group Membership

    Every month
    Think of it like personal training in a group set up.
    • Follow a personalised training program, designed for you.
    • Unlimited access to all lessons.
    • Achieve your specific goals.
  • Group Intro: 2 Lessons

    Join us for 2 trial group lessons.
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Group Practice
  • Group Intro: 5 Lessons

    Experience first hand our dynamic group lessons.
    Valid for one month
    • Group Practice


Famba Fitness, 

Calisthenics Area Rembrandtpark 1058 HT Amsterdam


+31 626141066



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