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About Famba Fitness Amsterdam

Our mission at Famba Fitness is more than just about helping each student get in the best shape of their life or providing expert guidance on executing the proper technique, it's about feelings and connections.


We believe the real reward of adopting an active lifestyle is how good it makes you feel about yourself. The underlining benefit of having an experienced personal trainer or being part of a genuine group of motivated people is the connections you build with each other. 

We feel other personal trainers in Amsterdam West are missing this from their service. Would you like to have a personal trainer by your side who gets you results and cares about your well-being? 

Why Does Famba Fitness Amsterdam Exist?

To help each student realise their "Inner Strength" through the process of physical training. Building the belief to reach any goal in life that you set your mind to.

We all want to feel good and share that with others. Training is a great way to generate those feelings and build togetherness with the people around you. 


Experienced Guidance

Having a personal trainer by your side who values proper technique execution and safe training methods.


See Real Progress

We pride ourselves in delivering each motivated student real progress, along their journey.


More Than Just The Physical

Physical training can lead to a strong mind, emotional well-being and understanding who you are.


A Caring And Fun Environment

It's easier to do it with a caring personal trainer and a supportive group that knows how to have fun.


Owner & Personal Trainer Solly

  • I was born in Mutare Zimbabwe and fell in love with moving my body.

  • I grew up in the countryside of Ireland and every sport I played taught me how to be disciplined. 

  • I had a tough childhood which taught me to mature quickly and ask important questions. 

  • After finishing school, I lived in different countries with the aim of "finding myself"

  • Later, I realised the answers are not in a place, a person, or a thing, to find the answers I'm looking for I have to look within

  • I left my career as a bus driver and started working as a personal trainer in a commercial gym.

  • Then I decided to create my own path, I moved to Amsterdam West and set up Famba Fitness to help people improve their well-being.

  • I'm proud to be watching the students, myself and the business continue to learn and grow. 

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