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Famba Fitness is an Amsterdam based personal training service, which teach calisthenics outdoors in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam West.

About Famba Fitness Amsterdam

At Famba Fitness, we're more than just an Amsterdam-based personal training service; we facilitate a transformative change and are a trusted partner on your calisthenics, fitness and wellness journey. 


We're driven by a passion that ignites the path to self-discovery and empower every individual to form a profound connection with their body, while simultaneously amplifying their character.

We're here to lead you through a process that not only shapes your body but also exposes the latent potentials within, nurturing self-belief and fostering a deep connection within. 

Why Does Famba Fitness Amsterdam Exist?

To help each individual to realise and amplify their inner strength through the process of a physical practice.

Building the belief to reach any goal that you set for yourself.

Calisthenics training in Amsterdam. Progress in calisthenics as you reach your fitness and health training goals at Famba Fitness

See Real Progress

At Famba Fitness, we pride ourselves in guiding every motivated student towards tangible progress on their individual journey.

A qualified calisthenics personal trainer based in Amsterdam west. Famba Fitness will guide you along your calisthenics goals.

Experienced Guidance

Conquer your goals, with experienced personal trainers, who value proper technique and ensure a safe training experience. 

Famba Fitness is more than just a personal training service that offers calisthenics training in Rembrandtpark. We guide our clients to reach their training goals and discover the strength of the human body.

More Than Just The Physical

Reach your fitness goals with Famba Fitness, while discovering the strength, balance and joy within the human body. 

Famba fitness is a welcming space where any individual can join and progress along their fitness and health goals. We are located in the calisthenics area in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam Netherlands.

Welcoming  Environment

Discover a space that invites you to surpass your limits, supports you as you navigate your personal transformation.

Solly is a Amsterdam based personal trainer who specialises in calisthenics training. At Famba Fitness he helps our personal training and group clients reach their fitness goals.

Owner/ Personal Trainer

I originate from Zimbabwe, where I first fell in love with the art of movement. My formative years in the Irish countryside, marked by participation in various sports, instilled in me a profound sense of discipline.

After overcoming many obstacles, it encouraged me to embarked on a global journey, in search of answers that, as I later discovered, could only be found within.

This realization led me to transition from a career as a bus driver to a personal trainer. However, I felt a deeper calling to pave my own path. After relocating to Amsterdam West, where I established Famba Fitness with a singular mission: to enhance individuals' fitness and well-being.

I take immense pride in witnessing the continual growth and learning journey of our students, myself, and the thriving business we've built.

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