I'm a personal trainer in Amsterdam. I offer group lessons and personal training in Amsterdam. I have an outdoor gym in Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam West. I help my clients reach their goals through calisthenics training. I've been training calisthenics in Amsterdam for over 5 years.


I Help People Of All Levels & All Ages Transform Their Body & Mind

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Outdoor Training Amsterdam

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Calisthenics Training

Train in a fun and challenging way to build strength, mobility, muscle and body control.  read more

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Strength Training

Improve your overall health, mood,  cell and bone formation, and slow down the ageing process.  read more


Muscle Building

Get in the best shape of your life and gain more confidence in your own body. 

read more

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Fat Loss

Improve your health and feel confident in your own body by burning that stubborn belly fat.  read more