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Join us for a transformative journey to rediscover the strength, balance, and joy

within the body, following a calisthenics training method.

Group personal training in Amsterdam West. Famba Fitness Amsterdam offers group lessons that cover calisthenics, bodyweight training and gymnastics.

Group Personal Training

The only group lessons in Amsterdam, where each member has their own personalised program. Think of it like personal training in a group atmosphere. Read More

Famba Fitness is an Amsterdam-based personal training service that offers 1 to 1 personal training.  Our personal trainers are highly qualified and teach exciting methods sucah as calisthenics.

1-to-1 Personal Training

Venture into a 3-month transformative journey, to develop a body that amplifies your character. Closely guided by one of our personal trainers, here in Amsterdam. Read More

Famba Fitness is a calisthenics training service based in Amsterdam. Calisthenics is a great way to build strength, balance and progress to your fitness goals.

Calisthenics Training

Discover the strength, balance and joy within the body, learning exciting new calisthenics moves, while training in our group lessons or private personal training.

Read More

Famba Fitness is a group and personal training service that offers calisthenics training. Kickstart the new year by reaching your fitness and health goals.

2024 New Year Package

Kickstart the New Year by getting in the best shape of your life and conquer your fitness and health goals, for 2024, guided by our Amsterdam-based personal trainers. Read More

Drawing from 6 years of experience, we understand that every individual is unique,

and we tailor our approach to help you reach their unique goals. 

What Is Calisthenics?

The term 'calisthenics,' derived from Latin, translates to 'beautiful strength.' We interpret calisthenics as the art of mastering the body's complete potential and its dynamic interplay with gravity. It empowers individuals to perform intricate movements and attain specific skills.


Calisthenics, at its core, embodies a fusion of strength, joint flexibility, and body control. It serves as a gateway to a myriad of achievements, from acquiring motor control skills to transforming body composition and enhancing overall fitness.

This discipline is an open canvas, adaptable to suit individual goals, requirements, and skill levels. It offers a welcoming environment for beginners, a realm of self-discovery where one can unearth latent abilities and expand their understanding of the body's capabilities.


Calisthenics is increasingly recognized as a holistic approach to improving health and fitness. It entices individuals to challenge their boundaries and reach new horizons. Within a nurturing and community-oriented atmosphere, the journey is guided by growth and the joy of progress."

Beginner Guide To Calisthenics

Here are some tips on how to start your calisthenics journey. 

How to start calisthenics . A beginner guide to help you progress in calisthenics ans reach your fitness goals.

How To Start Calisthenics

Discover the key as a beginner,  to progress in calisthenics, reach your goals and protect against injuries.

Watch Video

A calisthenics beginner program and ebook to help you reach your calisthenics goals and progress in calisthenics training.

Program & Ebook

Start your calisthenics journey with a calisthenics program, covering the basic movements involved in every calisthenics move. Click Here

Calisthenics training in Amsterdam. The calisthencis area in rembrandtpark park is a great location to start your calisthenics training journey, here in Amsterdam West.

Calisthenics In Amsterdam

Experience the best calisthenics park in Amsterdam. Train at Rembrandtpark, the calisthenics HQ of Amsterdam. See Location

This high quality home pull up bar is the perfect training equipment to bring your calisthenics progress to the next level. Develop calisthenics skill such as pull ups, hanging on the bar and more.

Home Pull Up Bar

Explore our high quality home pull up bar and the benefits of a special technique called "grease the groove". Click Here

At times, from an external perspective, some goals may appear insurmountable. Yet, when you deconstruct them, a realm of newfound possibilities unfolds before you.

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