Starting calisthenics can be challenging, how do you train, what exercises to choose, how to progress, how to build strength & muscle, every beginner asks these questions. People end up doing common mistakes, listening to incorrect information, then see no progress and start thinking that calisthenics is not for them. The truth is that calisthenics is simple, not as simple as just picking up a heavier weight but simple. The body does not know the difference between a bodyweight exercises and a weight, it only knows resistance therefore the same principles of strength, muscle building, endurance and acquiring a skill apply to calisthenics. Whatever your Goal, I will guide you along your journey so you can progress and start doing those cool moves that got you interested in calisthenics. I offer group personal training, 1 on 1 personal training in Amsterdam and online programs/ coaching worldwide. We will go through the basics and assess your current level, movement, scapula control, strength, balance, core conditioning and flexibility. Feel free to contact me for more info. 

Want To Be The Strongest You've Ever Been?

With this 6 week STRONG program, tailored to your goals, experience and level, you can gain the strength you've always been dreaming of. Do your 1st pull up, uncover that amazing feeling when you do a muscle up and get on top of the bar,  gain control of your body in a handstand.


Hey my name is Solly, when I was 4 years old I remember taking part in a sprinting competition. The joy I felt moving my body, pushing myself past my limits, the wind in my face, it was just AMAZING. Since that day that's how I've felt about fitness and health. 

My purpose is to reveal the strength that we all have. So many people doubt themselves and their capabilities. Fitness is a great gateway to uncover your power. When you can physically see how your body has changed and how much you've progressed, your mind starts seeing things a little differently. That situation is no longer a problem but an opportunities for you to grow and change to better yourself.


My specialties are Calisthenics, Hand-balancing, Strength Training and Muscle Building. I will teach you the key principles about your goals and help you get the body you've alway wanted. 

Believe, take the necessary steps and it will be yours. FAMBA means "To move towards your goals!"


For years I never did calisthenics because I was sacred. I saw what some of these athletes could do and I was intimidated by them. The strength they showed was amazing and I thought I could never be like that. But one day I sat down and asked myself the question "why can't I?" That day I finally started believing that if I do my research and put the work in then there is no reason why I cant be flying in the air one day. 

1st May 2017 (23 years old) I started training calisthenics and it was one of the best days of my life. The 1st year I focused on the basic exercises and I got the back lever that same year. The 2nd year was most challenging because that's were I made most my mistakes, training too many skills, taxing my body too much. The 3rd Year was the best because I finally started focusing on all the small stuff that most of us neglect which make the biggest difference. 


Everyone can see that Calisthenics is beautiful aesthetically but also because its a skill.  To improve a skill you have to be consistent, determined and believe. I love this journey I now am on, training and helping others realise there potential.


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