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At Famba Fitness our calisthenics personal trainer Solly doing a calisthenics exercise called the elbow lever in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam. Calisthenics Amsterdam

Calisthenics In Amsterdam 

Achieve Your Calisthenics Goals Faster Than Ever Before! 

Listen To Our Students 


How Can We Help You?

Calisthenics group lessons and group personal training at Famba Fitness.  We train calisthenics outdoors in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam. Calisthenics Amsterdam.

Group Personal Training

The only group lessons in Amsterdam, where each member has their own personalised program.

Learn the art of calisthenics training at Famba Fitness. Our personal trainer in Amsterdam West, Solly will guide you along your calisthenics journey. Calisthenics Amsterdsam.

Personal Training

Our experienced and qualified personal trainer will help you reach your fitness and health goals.

Calisthenics Amsterdam. Learn the art of calisthenics training at Famba Fitness. Calisthenics lessons are at Rembrandtprak Amsterdam.

Calisthenics Training

Learn calisthenics skills, handstands and body control. Our calisthenics personal trainer can guide all levels.

Calisthenics Amsterdam. Calisthencis training builds strength and muscle. Start your calisthenics journey with Famba Fitness.

Body Transformation

Get in the best shape of your life and gain more confidence in your own body. 

Transform your body and improve your calisthenics skills with our expert guidance. Build muscle and strength, and lose body fat by working together to reach your fitness goals!

The Results

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