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In Amsterdam

Join us for a transformative journey to rediscover the strength, balance, and joy

within the body, following a calisthenics training method.

Calisthenics Amsterdam. Calisthenics peronsonal trainer coaching a group lesson in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam.

Calisthenics Training at Famba Fitness

Master calisthenics techniques, handstands, and enhance body-awareness with our expert guidance.

Calisthenics training in Amsterdam at Famba Fitness Amsterdam. Calisthenics training is a great way to reach your fitness and health goals.

Calisthenics Training

Calisthenics is a versatile training style that caters to individuals of varying skill levels. We guide our  students towards their goals, through a safe and enjoyable journey.

Our calisthenics personal trainers based in Amsterdam West, will guide you towards your fitness nad health goals. Personal trainers with 6 yeats of expereince.

Calisthenics Personal Trainer

With over 6 years of experience, our Amsterdam-based personal trainers are committed to providing quality service and guiding you towards your goals. 

Calisthenics training for beginners. Famba Fitness is an Amsterdam-based personal training service that helps beginners learn calisthenics and reach their fitness and health goals.

Beginner Friendly

We understand the challenges that come with being a novice in any endeavor. We've cultivated a welcoming and motivating space for student of all levels. 

Calisthenics in Amsterdam. We offer personal training and group lesson in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam West located in the calisthenics area.

Calisthenics Gym

Rembrandtpark, an open-air calisthenics gym, ready to serve your fitness needs. Equipped with an array of essential training tools, for an exceptional training experience.

Is Calisthenics For You? 

Calisthenics, a holistic approach to strength and mobility training, leverages your own body weight as resistance. This dynamic discipline caters to individuals of all levels, offering a delightful journey to enhance strength, muscle, endurance, balance, coordination, and body awareness.


Whether you're just starting or aiming for advanced feats like handstands and muscle-ups, we tailor your training to your current abilities and unique fitness objectives.


In Amsterdam, the popularity of calisthenics is on the rise as more individuals transition from traditional gyms to the vibrant calisthenics parks.

Calisthenics For Beginners: How To Start

A calisthenics journey as a beginner is an exciting endeavor, and the beauty of calisthenics lies in its adaptability for all levels of fitness. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you kickstart your calisthenics training.

Famba Fitness student doing push ups in rembrandtpark calisthenics Amsterdam

Strength Training

As a calisthenics beginner it's important to work on the calisthenics basics, pull-ups, push ups, rows, dips, squats & leg raises. This will build a strong foundation to do more calisthenics skills.

Calisthenics personal trainer showing students how to improve mobility. Calisthenics Amsterdam

Mobility Training

For calisthenics beginners it's important to keep strong and healthy joints. This will protect you from injuries and help you build unbelievable strength along your calisthenics journey. 

Famba Fitness student doing the bodyweight exercise lunges in a calisthenics park. Calisthenics Amsterdam

Muscle Engagement

In a beginner calisthenics program, the aim must be to perform high repetition (8-15) per set. This will help your body learn the movement patterns and prepare your joints for intense calisthenics moves.


Scapula Control

The scapula (or shoulder blade) is a key part to advancing in calisthenics. It's stabilises the shoulders in a dynamic manner. The stronger the scapulas the more calisthenics skills you can do. 

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