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Hi, my name is Solly. I'm a Zimbabwean who grew up in the countryside in Ireland. In my native tongue, called Shona, Famba means "go". I have an interesting story about why I chose this name.

When I was younger, I only focused on my end goal, but in the process, I never took a single step unless it was perfect. As a result I wouldn’t take any steps at all. Only later did I realise that the most important step is the one you take. In other words, just Famba. Just go.

My goal is to help people reach their fitness and health goals. I want to teach people how to train smart. I want them to get the results that they deserve, for the effort they put in. For me, Famba Fitness is about taking steps towards your goal. I hope that it can be that for you too.

My Story

Unfortunately, the fitness industry is one of those fields that everybody thinks they know everything about it. Many people give advice without actually having the evidence to back it up. That is why I choose one of the best personal training schools "Elite Academy" in Ireland and Europe to do my personal training course. I learned how to execute exercises properly, how to safely train your students, nutrition and much more. When I graduated, the best piece of advice they gave me was to never stop learning. To this day I'm still developing so that I can provide the best service to my students and help them reach their goals. 

My personal training business started in London but London was never a place I wanted to stay for too long. Eventually, in 2019 I moved to Amsterdam West and I've been here ever since. This is when my passion for calisthenics training grew even more. I began training myself and my clients outdoors in Rembrandtpark. I'm happy to be able to share my passion for calisthenics, fitness and health with others. 

If I'm not training, working or learning, I spent my time relaxing in nature, connecting with my friends and making home recipes. I always make time to visit my family in Irelands. I'm all for striving for a better future but don't forget to experience the present moment. 


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