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Feel the joy of conquering the bar




Understand The Mechanics To The Muscle Up

In this program, we've broken down all the tools you need to get your 1st 

muscle up and to master the technique. The muscle up is one of the coolest 

bodyweight moves but it requires an intelligent approach to master it. 

Through many years of teaching students how to do it, we have broken down 

the details you need to get on top of the bar. You will build explosive power so

much, that you feel like you're flying. Unbreakable shoulders so that you

reduce the risk of injuries and a solid core to go with it. 








What You Get


Interactive Program

4 day program. As you progress the exercises you choose will get more challenging. This program can be performed for 3-9 months.


Discover how to train smart and reach your specific goals 

Detailed Coaching

Improve your technique and understand your body so you progress faster and avoid costly mistakes and injuries

Lifetime Access

You will have access to the program for life.






The Keys To Your Progress

explosive muscle up.png

The muscle up is an explosive exercise. It requires a combination of strength and speed. This program is designed to build fast twitch muscle fibers which will massively increase how fast you contract your muscles. 

Mentally when you perform your explosive exercises you must approach them with a balance of aggression and relaxation. 

The muscle up consists of contraction and relaxation. At the bottom phase, you must relax the muscles, and when it's time to contract you must pull with a lot of aggression, 100% effort. This is no time to hesitate, if you really want it, pull as hard and fast as you can. 

At the beginning of your journey, it might seem like you're not being fast enough but don't worry if you're pulling at 100% effort you will be training your fast twitch muscle fibers.  

barin muscle.png

The muscle up is a complex movement pattern that requires your neurotransmitters and muscle fibers to be firing as a team. That means you must approach the muscle up in an intelligent way. 

Forcing things and not training your joints is a sure fire way to injure yourself. In this program, we have implemented key exercises to strengthen your wrist and especially your shoulders because this is the most common point of injury.

By strengthening the rotator cuffs for instincts, you will bring the balance back into your shoulder capsule and they'll be able to withstand the massive amounts of pressure passing through them. 
By reducing and preventing common injuries when training the muscle up you'll have much better and faster progress

brain learn.png

The ability to learn is the 1st thing we teach all our students. If you can grasp this concept then you can use it to learn anything. 

The ability to learn means being humble enough to accept where you are right now, accepting that no matter what level you get to you can always learn more, and being curious to explore the unknown. 

The people who excel at anything are the ones who understand that each day, each session is another chance for them to learn something. The moment you think you have arrived is the moment you become complacent and start to decline. 

Each training session you do is another chance for you to learn how your body responds to certain stimulations. It's a chance for you to learn more about yourself and how you handle progress and frustrations. 










Muscle Up Master

Feel the joy of conquering the bar

muscle up program
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