Why Your 1st Pull Up May Depend On These 5 Exercises

A corrupt mindset is one the reasons many fail to achieve their 1st pull up. Many believe that pull ups are an extremely difficult move that their bodies were never meant to be able to do, that’s not the case.

Pull ups are a natural movement pattern that your body is fully capable of performing. It just has it that our lifestyles are sedentary and muscle groups needed to do pull ups are weak and inactive.

I was recently in Zimbabwe and as an experiment I wanted to see how many of the locals could do pull ups. Keep in mind that the locals in rural Zimbabwe don’t train, it’s not something that is in their culture and the equipment isn’t readily available.

8 out of 8 males could all do pull ups and 1 out of 2 females could as well, the other female could get half way even though she was overweight.

The locals I tested could do pull ups because they are highly active and engaging their muscle groups. Work for them is not sitting down on a laptop for 8 hours but it’s manual labor. They work all day on their plantations, picking up things, lifting, carry, pulling, throwing, hiking, digging, cutting, the work is endless.