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How Outdoor Calisthenics Can Impact Your Mental State

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The benefits of doing 30-60s minutes of outdoor calisthenics and bodyweight training.

Outdoor calisthenics in amsterdam

Throughout my journey as a personal trainer in Amsterdam West, I've observed the impact outdoor calisthenics can have on people's motivation and mental well-being. In an era dominated by indoor living, whether at home, in the office, or within the confines of a gym, we must be aware of the big influence our environment has on our physical and mental health.

In our fast-paced, technologically-driven world, we often overlook the simple pleasures, like moving our bodies and being outdoors. Yet, these uncomplicated experiences remain fundamental to our needs and can improve and liberate our state.

In this blog, I'll focus on the power of expressing and moving the body through calisthenics, combining its dynamic nature with the beneficial effects of training outside. Engaging in a mere 30 to 60 minutes of outdoor calisthenics not only improves overall physical function but also serves as a guiding force as you navigate life.

Let's dive into the ways this simple yet impactful practice can positively shape our mental state.

Calisthenics training in Rembrandtpark Amsterdam

Outdoor Calisthenics Might Be A Solution

In an age dominated by indoor living, our awareness of the benefits of spending time outdoors is often overshadowed by perceived time constraints. The daily grind sees us confined to homes, offices, cafes, indoor gyms, and the hustle of commuting in cars or on bikes/ e-bikes for those in Amsterdam.

Despite widespread knowledge of the advantages of outdoor activities, barriers, such as the perceived lack of time, prevent many from incorporating these practices into their routines. Our fast-paced society, marked by constant indoor engagements, might not be the most conducive to mental well-being. While the world around us races forward, our bodies often operate an older software, requiring specific exposures for optimal functioning.

To excel at our endeavors, improve productivity, and maintain energy levels, we must cater to our entire system. Calisthenics, as a discipline, offers a means to express and move the body, while the outdoors ignite the nervous system and boost alertness. Rather than viewing training and daily life as isolated entities, we can seamlessly integrate them.

By combining calisthenics with outdoor activities, we not only save time but also reap numerous benefits. Spending just 30-60 minutes outside practicing calisthenics in Amsterdam or any location becomes a holistic approach to fitness, improving energy levels, creativity, mental well-being, and circulatory health. These improvements affect various facets of life, including career, relationships, and self-exploration.

The option of outdoor calisthenics, involving dynamic bodyweight movements to increase strength, balance, and mobility, is readily available, particularly in cities like Amsterdam. The municipality recognizes the value of a healthier lifestyle and increased outdoor time, evident in the frequent construction of new calisthenics parks.

The Advantages of Being Outside

We have evolved over many centuries in harmony with the great outdoors, considering it as an integral part of ourselves. Recognizing and embracing this connection can bring us into balance, aligning our lives with our goals.

Picture the last time you found yourself in a forest or immersed in calming natural surroundings. Personally, I enjoy places like Amsterdamse Bos for the tranquility it offers during a walk. This sense of tranquility is something our bodies crave, playing a vital role in balancing our mental state.

Being outdoors, away from the constant gaze of our phones, exposes us to the elements. Our animalistic instincts come alive, and our senses become heightened. We see differently, our vision expands, and we notice subtle nuances in our surroundings. In these moments, there are no pressing appointments or obligations; we are simply living in the present, and that moment radiates with a soothing calmness.

Every system in our body seeks equilibrium. When we immerse ourselves in nature, our minds enter a divergent state, a necessary break from the convergent state induced by indoor environments. While a focused state is advantageous for specific tasks, an excess of it can throw us off balance, affecting our mentality, mood, and behaviors.

The indoors often triggers this narrowed focus, while the outdoors promotes a widened state. Striking a balance between these two states is valuable for our overall well-being. Therefore, consider taking your training outdoors, basking in the fresh open air, and fostering a sense of equilibrium in your mental well-being.

The Outdoor Training Atmosphere

I often hear my friend say, "I do what I love." And, like me, he enjoys training calisthenics in Rembrandtpark, an inviting space that radiates a sense of community. This topic holds particular significance for me because while our fitness and health goals may be personal, the environment we choose for our training profoundly influences our journey.

Throughout my experiences training in various gyms and calisthenics parks in Amsterdam, and through conversations with my personal training students, there's a distinct warmth and encouragement found in outdoor community environments. It seems to create a more enriching experience, surrounded by individuals who can motivate and inspire one another. Imagine a fitness journey that is inclusive, where everyone is welcomed, supporting each other towards their goals.

This feeling is not universally present in all gyms in Amsterdam, as they vary in their atmosphere. However, many commercial gyms tend to foster an overwhelming sense of individualism. In these spaces, people often appear isolated in their own worlds – headphones on, confined to specific corners, waiting for the next machine, and frequently distracted by their phones, squandering valuable training time.

While this is just one personal trainer's perspective, such gyms can evoke undesirable attitudes and thought processes like egotism, high expectations, impatience, and jealousy. If you find yourself experiencing these feelings in an indoor gym, consider giving outdoor training a try to experience the stark contrast. Training in the beautiful parks of Amsterdam West and other regions offers a different vibe; the air feels fresher, and the people around you are more open to striking up a conversation, providing a valuable change of pace.

Start with Calisthenics

Our bodies and minds are intricately linked. When we find ourselves in a less-than-ideal mental state, feeling low, unmotivated, or negative, our bodies respond accordingly. Consider it: the body shrinks, posture slumps, shoulders round, and a sense of heaviness prevails.

Shifting our mental state can be challenging if we focus on the psychological aspect alone. However, when we redirect our focus to the body, remarkable transformations can happen. Opening up our bodies, standing tall, and adopting expansive postures can free us from the burdens of the moment.

This is where dynamic training styles, like calisthenics, come into play. Unlike repetitive weighted exercises or constrained machine movements, calisthenics involves bodyweight movements that open and expand the body. The impact on our mood and energy can be truly amazing.

Bodyweight movements have a liberating quality. They engage the body in diverse directions, simultaneously training multiple elements. When you combine this with the experience of practicing calisthenics outdoors in places like Rembrandtpark, Amsterdam, you create a powerful recipe for managing your mental state.

Summary: How Outdoor Calisthenics Can Impact Your Mental State

calisthenics at Famba Fitness Amsterdam

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, where indoor living dominates our routines, the significance of outdoor calisthenics on both physical and mental well-being stands out. As a seasoned personal trainer in Amsterdam West, I've witnessed the transformative effects of combining dynamic calisthenics with the refreshing embrace of the outdoors.

Highlighting the intricate connection between body and mind, we can unfold the potential for unlocking liberating mental states through physical expressions and outdoor activities. Beyond a mere fitness routine, outdoor calisthenics can be a holistic approach to improve our mental well-being.


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