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Why Beginners Find Calisthenics Training Intimidating

The beginning stages of any journey can be filled with fears, doubts and insecurities.

Calisthenics is one of the best ways to train because you gain an overall better understanding of your body. You'll improve strength, and mobility and build a more athletic physic. Calisthenics continues to grow more popular in Amsterdam and the rest of the world. Many people are beginning to train in this fun and challenging way but as with anything new, there will be challenges.

This article is for the people who have started training calisthenics or are thinking of training calisthenics but have fears and doubts about their abilities.

The good news is that everybody has these feelings in the beginning and they'll pop back from time to time. When you're new to something you won't be very good at it. It may well be intimidating to train in a park or gym surrounded by people who can do front levers, planches and handstand push-ups when you can barely do a pull-up. Don't be alarmed everyone starts as a beginner and has to go through the same process and handle those uneasy feelings.

I didn't start calisthenics for many years because I was intimated by it. I thought I could never do those skills because I wasn't strong enough. Then one day I told myself if they can do it I can do it. I started just like anybody else, struggling with pull-ups and push-ups but I stayed consistent through those early stages and the results started to come.

Some of you may be going through those same feelings. Hopefully, by sharing my experience and advice I can help you start, commit and get results in your calisthenics journey.


Be A Student Of Calisthenics

To understand why you might be feeling insecure or fearful about training calisthenics (or training in general) we have to understand how the human body works. The mind is wired to want to be loved and accepted by everyone, that's why we seek to fit in. We fear being socially excluded by the people close to us, social groups and society. That is how your mind functions, it is scared to be left behind. The mind has operated like this for thousands of years and will continue to be like that for the foreseeable future.

Now you can see why the beginning stages of learning something new is challenging. The body can learn many things but it needs time. That means for the first few weeks and months you'll suck at whatever you're doing. This is what may create those feelings of insecurity and doubts. Your mind will feel like you're not accepted in that environment because everyone else is ahead. Whether it's calisthenics, learning a language or the first day on a new job these feelings will arise.

The key is to accept the feeling for what they are, feelings, they will pass. Everyone goes through this process and at the end of it there's the reward. It's a learning process. Accept where you are in your journey, don't worry about other people and let your body learn and adapt. That's what being a good student is all about. Be a good student and the results will come in your calisthenics journey.

Let Calisthenics Training Inspire You

The mind is constantly comparing itself to other people. This is what can cause these fears and doubts about your own abilities. You'll see people doing crazy skills or who have amazing bodies and if you're a beginner this can make you feel inadequate. The trick is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Everyone is on their own journey. You don't know that person's background, genetics, motives, etc. Focus on your own journey and it will bring you so much joy to see your development.

Instead of being intimidated by advanced calistheincs training let it inspire you. Be inspired that the human body is capable of doing these amazing skills. Take notes and let those people doing advanced calisthenics skills motivate you in your own training.

The 1st few months of my calisthenics journey I was doubting myself. I kept asking myself will I ever be able to do those cool movements with my body. I stayed consistent and eventually the results came. Then I moved to Amsterdam where the calisthenics community is very big. At this point my levels were intermediate, I was comfortable with the calisthenics basics, and I could do handstands, muscle-ups and the back lever. I started training at Rembrandtpark in Amsterdam West and I came across some people who were very advanced in calisthenics.

I felt intimidated because they were so far ahead and they were doing skills I wanted to be able to do. I was comparing myself with other people which will always leave you feeling bad because there's always someone better. Eventually, I accepted where I was in my journey and how far I had come. I focused on my own journey and it brought more satisfaction and joy to my calisthenics training experience.

You Can Do It!

Calisthenics is an amazing way to move your body and it's for all levels. Whether you're young, or old, male, or female it's a great way to train your body and reach your fitness goals. The trick is to not compare your journey with anybody else. Focus on yourself and achieve your own fitness and health goals.

You can train calisthenics and you can progress a long way if you stay consistent. It's okay at the start if you feel insecure or have doubts, that's just your mind playing tricks on you. Observe those feeling for what they are, feeling, they'll pass. As long as you train smart and stay consistent you will get the results you are after.

If millions of people can train calisthenics so can you. Start training and be okay with the fact that you will not be good in the beginning. Manage these feelings and keep training. After a few weeks and months, the results will come and you will get better and better at calisthenics.

What would you like to know next about calisthenics? Leave a comment and I'll share my experience with you.


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